Drakenstein Heemkring


The Drakenstein Heemkring is a privately owned photographic and documentary archive, and its primary function is to serve as a resource centre for the residents of Paarl and its surrounding towns. The name heemkring is a Dutch word and refers to a group of likeminded people - usually volunteers - who attend to the preservation of the culture and history of a particular area and its inhabitants.
The archive was founded in 1977 by W A “Bill” de Klerk, a well-known Paarl author. The archive is housed in De Oude Woning, an old Cape Dutch home that was built in 1784, and the oldest surviving townhouse in Paarl.
The Gribble Collection of photographs is the Heemkring’s largest single collection. The Heemkring also has a large collection of family Bibles, legal documents, personal records, audio tapes, magazines, newspaper clippings, books and taped interviews of residents.
The following article about the Heemkring appeared in the Paarl Post: The hidden jewel of Paarl (23/08/2013)http://paarlpost.mobi/news/read/4832/heemkring-the-hidden-jewel-of-paarlshapeimage_3_link_0

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We are in De Oude Woning, 214 Main Street Paarl on the corner of Main and Auret Streets. Due to staff shortages we are currently only open one a day week and by appointment.

Hours: Wednesdays 10 am to 12 pm
Tel.: 081-804-5729 or email us at info@drakensteinheemkring.co.zamailto:info@drakensteinheemkring.co.zashapeimage_4_link_0